The “Other”

Curators: Mark Ghuneim with Elizabeth Kilroy
Graphic design: David Reinfurt
Technical design: Jon Bulava and Lily Healey

The “Other” consists of filtered posts from publicly available tweets, photographs, and videos, all culled from Twitter. Search terms reveal a real-time stream of media focused on the identifying and surveilling of human beings by private individuals, commercial businesses, and police and state organizations. Tweet texts and images fade in and out, creating a visualization of the ways in which surveillance has become embedded in our day-to-day media encounters. Their accumulation conveys the overwhelming extent to which this sort of close observation makes its subjects appear as “the other”—intrinsically different and alienated from us—as a result of being singled out. The search queries provide the baseline for the curated stream as it evolves in real time over the course of the exhibition.