Clock (2016)
David Reinfurt, O-R-G


The Clock, commissioned for Public, Private, Secret, consists of two parts: a digital monitor at the front of the building, facing the street, and a pair of projections in the rear of the museum’s public space.

The wall-mounted projections stream live-video data drawn from six cameras in the front and in exhibition spaces, positioned by artist Sean Donovan. Custom software strips the position information from this image stream and reorganizes the remaining data into an abstracted grid of organized pixels. By altering the original pixel positions, any immediate reading of the space is frustrated. Instead, these new images register as dynamic data, more legible by a machine than a person. 

The projections are accompanied by a small digital monitor installed facing the street. Here, custom software creates a digital rendering of an analog clockface as a marker of the consistent back-and-forth play between the continuous and discrete—digital and analog—that describes the way we live with images today.