Public, Private, Secret features a dedicated issue of Printed Web—published in partnership with the International Center of Photography—that respond to the themes of the exhibition.

Printed Web #4

Each artist contributed work that engages with the concept of privacy today in relation to public visibility and self-identity. The fold is a leitmotif, and each of Printed Web #4’s interior sheets unfolds into a double-sided poster of a single artist’s work. The print-on-demand newsprint publication is produced by artist and designer Paul Soulellis, whose wider Printed Web project explores the intersection of printed matter and network culture through a physical archive, teaching, and research.

Printed Web #4 presents projects by Christopher Clary, Angela Genusa, Anouk Kruithof, Eva and Franco Mattes, Lorna Mills, Wolfgang Plöger, Travess Smalley, Molly Soda, and Elisabeth Tonnard and features a text—“Folding the Web”—by Michael Connor, Artistic Director of Rhizome.

Printed Web #4 is available for purchase from Spaces Corners at ICP Museum