PGP Email Encryption

Hosted by Dan Bustillo, Tim Schwartz, and Lucas Wrench of LA Cryptoparty, in collaboration with Machine Project

In this three-hour, role-play-based workshop, participants will learn to safely and securely communicate via encrypted email, using the initial communications between whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist Laura Poitras as their guide. To address the uncertainty of knowing if their communications are secure, participants are invited to assume the roles of both whistleblower and journalist, as they reenact the first emails between the two and learn the steps required for smuggling national secrets. 

Participants will learn how to make initial contact and verify trust with a previously unknown individual, how to utilize public social-networking platforms such as Twitter as a safeguard against potential tampering, and how to gain a technical understanding of encryption protocol and email-encryption software. No experience necessary.

Laptop required (Mac preferred).