The ICP Museum’s public space includes a poster wall featuring a rotating installation of artists’ works.

Paolo Cirio

Artist Paolo Cirio's work investigates how issues related to privacy, copyright, finance, and law are affected by communication networks.

His series Overexposed consists of nine unsanctioned photos of NSA, CIA and FBI officials, rendered in the HD Stencils graffiti technique. Cirio monitored social media for months to find photos of the officials taken in informal and private contexts—from selfies to family gatherings. During the spring of 2015, he disseminated the images on public walls in major global cities, thus satirizing the ubiquitous surveillance and overly mediated political personas by exposing the private lives of those responsible for classified intelligence programs. In doing so, Cirio proposes new modes of circulation, appropriation, contextualization, and technical reproduction for these images, honing in on the common territory between information systems and the social realm.